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ACNE-FIGHTING TIPS from Kourt and her Facialist


Two people whose skincare advice we will always follow: Kourt (ofc) and celebrity facialist (and friend to Poosh!) Sharlena Hassani. Kourt has been getting facials from Shar for the past couple of months, a major stars-aligning moment for those of us dealing with breakouts. During Kourt’s most recent appointment, they started swapping tips for fighting acne—and obvs we had to know more. Below, all the acne-fighting intel from Kourt and Shar.

Kourtney Kardashian Barker

An antibiotic alternative

“I usually take one capsule of oil of oregano daily, but when I have active acne I take two and make sure to follow it up with a probiotic. It acts like a natural antibiotic, with active ingredients proven to kill certain viruses, bacteria and fungi,” Kourt told us. (Just be aware that while it is a good natural option to derm-prescribed antibiotics for acne, it could still have an effect on gut bacteria.)

Sip some spearmint tea

Kourt also told us that she drinks spearmint tea when she’s breaking out. “Studies have now shown that spearmint tea kills skin disease-causing yeasts and bacteria. And it’s anti-inflammatory!” Shar tells us. She points to a 2015 study by the American Academy of Dermatology that compared 100 milligrams of prescription oral acne medication, minocycline, with two cups of organic spearmint tea ingested daily. It found that minocycline reduced acne by around 52% after three months, but it caused side effects in about 20% of patients. The tea reduced acne by 25% after one month and 51% after three months—with no side effects.

Spearmint tea is also great for hormonal breakouts because it helps reduce acne-inducing testosterone in the blood, Shar says.

Flip your pillow

“We recommend never sleeping on the same side of the pillow,” Shar tells us. “I also recommend switching your pillowcases as frequently as daily, or every few days, if you have a few you can switch between.”

Shar tells us that glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide are must-haves for people with acne-prone skin. “Glycolic acid helps maintain clarity by clearing buildup from the pores and renewing the skin,” she says. “Incorporate benzoyl peroxide for antibacterial action regularly—and especially after working out and sweating, or hair removal on breakout-prone areas.” It also helps prevent breakouts.

Check those labels

“I recommend staying away from all comedogenic products, and make sure anything applied topically is non comedogenic (non clogging), like Oxygenetics foundation,” Shar tells us. (PS it’s also one of Kourt’s favorite foundations.)

Obvs don’t forget to hydrate

Though it may seem obvious, we’d be remiss not to include that “proper hydration and a balanced and healthy diet is crucial for clear and healthy skin,” Shar tells us. She also recommends staying away from dairy, sugar, and processed foods as much as possible if you have acne-prone skin, as those can majorly contribute to breakouts.


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