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We are all given an opportunity in life, an opportunity we have to seize before it’s too late. I have even come to believe that it is exactly that single moment we are given to make our destiny. Such was the case of little Ani, who was grown up in a province of Albania by her uncle, after her parents died when she was a baby. A tragic story, in which her father decided to commit suicide soon after her mother passed away from a deadly disease. Even though without parents, Ani was not all alone in this world and she lived surrounded with love until she was old enough to have her own dreams, one of which was being a model. So, in cooperation with one of the best TV stations in my country, AGON CHANEL and the TV SHOW “Surpriza je ti” (The surprise it’s you), I was given a chance to be part of the experience and I was also chosen as little Ani’s fairy. We decided to make her feel like a rising star, a star for a day and I hope the experience brings her good luck and make her a forever shining star. Ani visited my shop in the capital, which has a female focused interior design and represents many of the well known brands worldwide. There, we had a talk about fashion in general, I told her about my blog and also about what took me to become who I am today. I spoke to her about the difficulties I faced, peoples mistrust and my strong will and perseverance to prove them wrong. I tried to tell her that life doesn’t always come easy and that besides believing in yourself, you must also believe in God and do good things so that we get the best in our life. Life is too short to live in anger and regret, or to hold grudges, even to those who haven’t been good to us. Below you will find some of my golden rules to feel lucky and that everything goes right.

  • Live and enjoy life even in the smallest details that give you satisfaction.
  • Never look back because it is the past that made you what you are.
  • Keep on dreaming, even in the most impossible things because life is unpredictable and that’s the beauty in it.
  • Always work and exploit time to find ways that can always keep you close to your dreams and help you make them come true.
  • Never think that your neighbors’ grass is greener then yours.
  • Always be kind to other people, God will reward you.
  • Never lose faith in love, even if you have failed before. One day you will understand why it never worked with the others.
  • Be yourself and never change, for no one. Accepting yourself is what makes you happy in life.
  • Give unconditioned love, love is the most beautiful and sublime feeling.

I tried to make Ani believe in these concepts because I really consider them my golden rules and I keep repeating them to myself so that I can feel calm and happy all day. After passing some time in my shop, I took Ani around in the city; we took some very beautiful pictures and went to the most popular bars. I felt exhilarated when I saw happiness in her eyes; it reminded me of myself as a little girl – so innocent and filled of dreams. We exchanged a lot of things; I advised and also gave her some of my favorite books as well as a very nice pair of ballerinas. But that is not going to end here. We shall meet again; I will try to give her continuous help so that she can grow up happily. Sometimes, God brings in our way some people we should appreciate, support and give what we have learned from our mistakes in the past. This is the only way to make world a better place. We came to this world so that we can help each-other because we need each-other.

Photography Erion Braja

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