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A Platinum Blonde Obsession


One of the most talked about topics from Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday was her hair transformation from a dark color to platinum blonde. This drastic change was not a first for Kylie as she has done it several times. Even Kim Kardashian herself is a fan of platinum hair and she has even mentioned the fact that her husband, Kanye West, is a big fan of platinum hair. But why is this obsession with platinum hair? Why go through such change when it can damage your hair?

The more you think about it the more you go back in time. Platinum hair is not a new thing nowadays, because it has been following us through years. We might even consider Marilyn Monroe as the true ambassador of platinum blonde hair, because the American bombshell never tried to change her hairstyle and her curly blondes will always be remembered. During the 50s this color was all about sophistication and it gave women a more flirting look by making them more confident.

The 80s and the 90s saw a more rebellious look, because hair did not have to be in place like the beautiful curls of Marilyn Monroe. It was more of a messy hair and that platinum color made every woman look like they were not afraid of anything. After 2015, this color became even more popular and since then the number of celebrities opting for platinum blonde keeps growing day by day. Long platinum hair is the trend that is ruling 2018 and it reminds us of Cher’s long hair in the 70s, but in a different shade.

Now that summer is almost over, you might consider transforming your hair into platinum blonde and start the new season with a different look. We have rounded up for you many famous celebrities that used to rule their platinum blonde hair.

Jayne Mansfield



Marilyn Monroe






Debbie Harry



Courtney Love



Gwen Stefani



Brad Pitt



Victoria Beckham



David Beckham


Adam Levine



Candice Swanepoel



Cara Delevingne



Carey Mulligan



Charlize Theron



Jared Leto



Jennifer Lawrence



Karlie Kloss



Kim Kardashian



Kristen Stewart



Kylie Jenner



Lady Gaga



Lea Seydoux



Michelle Williams



Rita Ora



Taylor Swift



Zoe Kravitz


By Enxhi Tufina

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