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The Best Fashion Parties of the ’80s


But before Kate Upton and Alexander Wang came on the scene, Yves Saint Laurent and Diana Ross were the ones to watch at a dance party. Take a look back at some of the fêtes that attracted fashion’s finest in the ’80s.


Audrey Hepburn and Rob Wolders, 1982, at a Givenchy party in NYC


Bianca Jagger and Halston, 1981, at the Met Costume Gala in NYC


Boy George and Ann Turkel Cornelia, 1985, at the Carrington Launch party in NYC


Brooke Sheilds and Lauren Hutton, 1988, at Eddie Fisher’s 60th Birthday in NYC


Burt Young, Peter Weller, Carrie Fisher, 1980, at a Giorgio Armani party in NYC


Carolina Herrera and Steve Rubell, 1988, at New York Magazine’s 20th Anniversary party in NYC


Elizabeth Saltzman and Candy Price, 1989, at Viva la France party in NYC


Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Wilding, and Maria Burton, 1981, at the Fashion Debut party for Burton


Jean Paul Gaultier and Edwige, 1987, at Palladium in NYC


Jerry Hall, 1980, at Palace Night Club in Paris


Mounia, 1980, at Palace Night Club in Paris


Andy Warhol, 1984, at Mary Mcfadden’s fashion party in NYC


Oscar de la Renta, 1983, at an Yves Saint Laurent party in NYC



Yves Saint Laurent, 1987, at a YSL fashion show in Paris


Yves Saint Laurent and Diana Ross, 1980, at Club 78 in Paris


Valentino, 1980, at the Met Costume Gala in NYC


Patrick Swayze and Brooke Shields, 1986, in NYC


Ralph Lauren, Ricky Lauren, and Barbara Walters, 1984, in the Hamptons




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