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70s vibe again


I know that most of my recent posts were inspired by the `70s, but I have always brought them in different styles. Let’s say that this post was inspired by the Chloe campaigns, since I finally managed to get my Chloe bag and jewelries. So, this is a somewhat bohemian and classic return to the France of these years. Another thing that made me have this photo shoot in this special look, is the “how to become a Parisian” thing LOL, and I have also decided it will definitely be my winter look. I had my hair cut along that line, or alla Jane Birklin. I have had this look during most periods of my life, but especially during my teen years. I like my hair this way. This is a fresh return and I feel so me and comfortable in it. Maybe sometimes, we all need to find ourselves, the one that we used to be several years ago. But this look couldn’t miss the “bootcut” pants, which are among my favorites, the oversized jacket, typical of the `70s and some other details which you may find below:

Sunglasses: Celine 
Pants: Michael Kors  
Jacket  Coat: Cavalli Class 
The beige shirt: Maxmara 
The ring and earrings: Chloe 
The bag: Chloe 
The short boots: Dior 
The black scarf: Zara 
The watch: Paul Hewitt
makeup :Lili Ismaili
Photo :Endrit Mertiri

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