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7 items you need while staying home


Most probably we will be faced with a second lockdown, but this time we will be more prepared, as we know what’s ahead of us.

Basically, our home will again become the centre of everything that’s been going on in our lives. It will become an office, a meeting spot, a bar, a restaurant, a gym, a cinema etc.

That is why we have decided to show you which are the most essential homewear clothes you’ll need to make a fashion lover look absolutely beautiful.



It’s like the early 2000s just came back with those famous tracksuits from Juicy Couture. We can’t deny that they are so comfortable and now you can find them everywhere.

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Satin Robe

Maybe a bohemian inspired robe will get you in the mood. During your free time, after you have finished the chores, you can light some candles, put on some music and enjoy the vibe wearing a satin robe.

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Slip dress

Get a bit sexy for your partner and spice up things a little between the two of you. After all you will only have the comfort of one another if a second lockdown will start. A slip dress is the ideal option and is also comfortable.

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When it comes to lingerie, choose something sexy and comfortable at the same time. You won’t regret it. You can combine it with a long oversized cardigan.

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A sweater is a must especially during winter as it will keep you warm and comfy. Just imagine keeping the lights off, watching a movie and drinking hot chocolate.

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You should think about keeping your feet warm as winter will be veeeeery long. Socks may help, but sleepers will do the trick. The fluffy ones are the best!


Yoga pants

Yoga pants were our friendly companion during the first lockdown, and they will be by our side again as soon as another lockdown will start. We actually managed to rock those Zoom meetings while wearing a formal blouse or Shirt paired with yoga pants that no one could see.

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