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6 Ways to Style a SCARF THIS SUMMER

There are endless ways to wear and accessorize with a silk scarf, especially in the summer—all you need is a little outfit inspiration. Kourt’s stylist, Dani Michelle, is lending her fashion expertise and sharing six different takes on how to wear the beachy item. Learn her tips and tricks below, and see some of the looks in action on Kourt and Dani.“A scarf is one of my favorite summer investments because you can style it so many ways if you’re a creative fashion girl.


One of my favorite accessories to bring to the beach is a scarf. I use it as a coverup when I don’t want to just be in my swimsuit. This works best for super-oversized scarves like my Vuitton one—I just take two ends and tie at the narrowest part of my waist, which creates a natural long leg slit.




If you want to give your outfit a little extra style, like Kourt’s all-black cardigan and shorts or her pink summer set, take a scarf, fold it in a triangle, and fasten around all your hair, tying it underneath, close to your neck. A quick trick, if you want something that perfectly complements your outfit: head to your local fabric shop, go to the silk section, and pick out something you love for the moment. We just bought half a yard to create this matching look, and it’s something no one else has.




This trick also works great with something oversized or just a long rectangle. If it’s oversized, fold it in half to the shortness you like, then wrap it around and tuck in the corner of your swimsuit or underwear and give it a good roll—this makes it even tighter.




Since such little fabric is needed for this, you can buy a 1/4 yard of fabric, or take a scarf and fold it in a triangle then roll it, starting with the corners to be about an inch or so wide. You can make it a headband, or tie it around your hair tie of a braid or ponytail. A really cool trick is to cut the bottom two inches off a shirt and make a matching headband.



Classically, Hermès, Pucci, and many brands sell skinny scarves that can be used as a headband, but can also be tied around the handle of a purse for some extra color. But don’t feel you need to buy the designer ones; there’s plenty of options out there.


You can take your skinny scarf or a rolled one and put it through your belt loops to create a belt. Whether it fits exactly for a tight knot or hangs long, it’s a fun way to add some excitement to a look.”
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