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5 Minutes Make-up Routine


Let’s just be honest with ourselves that from all the make-up products we have, we are only using three or four of them and that sums up our daily make-up routine. We totally appreciate letting our phone snooze every 5 minutes than get out of bed after the first ring. More sleep means less time for us to get ready and do our make-up in just five minutes. But, these 5 minutes should be enough when you have the right products and your make-up will look like you have spent at least 30 minutes applying it on you. So, have a look at my suggestions for you. Probably you do not use the products I have suggested, but you should keep in mind that a good make-up needs a good moisturizer, the right shade of foundation or compact powder, the best mascara to make your lashes look super bold and super long and the right lipstick shade to complete your look.


A foundation that also serves as a moisturizer saves you a lot of time. Nars’ Tinted Moisturizer can cover your imperfections, but it also leaves space for your skin to be shown, which is ideal, because you will not look that exaggerated when you have to go to work or university. Its SPF 30 will make sure that your skin stays protected from the UV rays, and premature skin ageing will not be an issue for you.


A mascara like Better Than Sex from Too Faced is just perfect for you and the name speaks for itself. Almost everyone got a Better Than Sex Mascara and the reviews were all positive. So this mascara will give to your lashes what they really need: volume and length. I have suggested only a mascara for the eye area, because if you are quite a busy person, it is better to keep your face as natural as possible. If you put an eyeshadow or an eyeliner, it will not look the same after hours of work, or attending classes.


Baby Doll Kiss and Blush from Yves Saint Laurent is there for you to highlight your cheeks and give a touch of color to your lips. You have 15 color options to choose from, whether it is a light pink or a deep red.


And voila! With only three products you have created your look of the day in just 5 minutes.

Written by: Enxhi Tufina

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