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5-Minute Workouts to RELEASE STRESS


It’s been a stressful year—that goes without saying—so we’ll take (and share) all the stress-releasing hacks and advice we can get. Whether it’s through meditation or today’s suggestion, a solid workout to clear our mind, we’re here for it. Studies show a good sweat during the day can help you sleep better at night. Since lack of sleep can cause a ripple effect of unhealthy habits and lead to unnecessary stress in your life, we’re sharing our top five-minute fitness videos to schedule into your daily routine. From cardio and core sequences to moves designed to focus on specific areas of the body, enjoy our roundup of five quick exercises to help release stress this week.


The Routine: Your 5-Minute Cardio Workout

The Moves:
Inchworm Squat Jumps
Close Squats to Wide Squat Jumps
Bear Crawls
Lateral Slides with Forward Hop
Jumping Jack and Tuck Jump


The Routine: Your 5-Minute Arm Routine

The Moves:
Bicep Curl
Shoulder Press
Overhead Tricep Extension


The Routine: Your 5-Minute Routine for the Toughest Trouble Spots

The Moves:
Plié Elbow Crunches
Spider Push-ups
Side Plank Dips
Dip Reach
Quick Feet to Jump Squat


The Routine: Your 5-Minute Routines for a Stronger Core

The Moves:
V Ups


The Routine: Your 5-Minute Shoulder Workout

The Moves:
Shoulder Presses
Lateral to Front Raises
Rear Delt Flys


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