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5 Bedtime Rituals to Help You Fall Asleep


We live in a hectic time, with many tasks and accelerated communications as technology is increasingly inserted into daily life. It seems it’s never been so difficult to be able to disconnect from the external world and disconnect. However, slowing down and getting a good night’s sleep heavily influences how productive and energized you feel the following day, in addition to providing countless health and skin benefits and improving the overall feeling of well-being.

After a tiring day, there’s nothing like getting ready for a peaceful night, lying in bed, and resting. Therefore, adopting a ritual to fall asleep by inserting some new habits allows to body to prepare for relaxation and sleep.

Prioritizing more serene activities and self-care steps hours before resting is a way of training your body to slowly feel tired. Pinterest Predicts—a survey with predictions of trends for 2021 in relation to various sectors—showed that more people are searching for healthy bedtime routines. In the last year, the platform recorded a 90 percent growth in searches for “yoga to sleep.” The report also points to an 80 percent increase in the term “sleeping oils to use in the diffuser” and a 60 percent uptick in searches for “silk sleepwear.”

Relaxation practices are particular and can have a positive and invigorating effect, but it’s essential to know your own body and what you like to do. To get you started, here are a few easy pre-bedtime habits to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

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Hydration through water intake is essential and should be done frequently during the day and night to maintain the proper functioning of the body. Caffeine, on the other hand, even when consumed up to six hours before bedtime, can affect sleep and should be avoided. In addition, soft drinks, black tea, and green tea should also not be consumed close to bedtime. However, other types of teas a while before bedtime, such as chamomile, lemon balm, and fennel, can contribute to relaxation.

As for the meal, it’s best to have dinner three to four hours before bed for good digestion that doesn’t impair sleep.

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Before bed, slow down and reserve quality time with yourself by reading or listening to music. Opt for a pleasant reading or musical style, which does not deal with heavy and complex themes so your mind can fully reach a place of rest. Sounds like nature noises and rain can also be soothing.

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Agitated thoughts reflect in your behavior and in your quality of sleep. It’s so important to give signals that the day is over and bedtime is near. Practicing meditation and yoga are great strategies to calm the brain and give your mind the necessary tranquility. With the help of apps, videos, and specialized professionals, practice activities that help with breathing and provide serenity. To make the occasion more pleasant, choose a quiet environment, use a seat, or if you prefer to work on the floor, place a rug to make it more comfortable.

As for physical exercises, it’s worth remembering that moving is necessary and helps in the quality of life and sleep. However, high-intensity physical activities at night, close to bedtime, are not indicated, as they cause the opposite effect due to the release of adrenaline and increased body temperature. Therefore, doing guided meditation or yoga is your best bet.

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An excellent way to help your body to rest is to prepare a good bath with essences, salts, and herbs. To complement the relaxing moment, you can add quiet sounds or music. After bathing, take a little more time to unwind by moisturizing your body with creams and oils.

Investing in pajamas with a light and comfortable fit, from fabrics such as cotton and silk feels cozier on the skin, minimizing the chance of any discomfort during the night.

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In order to enhance all the stages of the ritual and make the night really pleasant, pay attention to the room and make it conducive to increase the feeling of tranquility. For a start, darken the room and keep the temperature cool and comfortable. Do not keep objects that may cause distraction, such as electronic devices, nearby. The light from televisions and cell phones and the intense consumption of content and information can leave the mind and body agitated, generate inattention, and reduce the hours of sleep.

Another way of taking care of the environment is aromatherapy to relax your body. It’s a technique to further increase the sensation of calm and make the night’s sleep even better. Use diffusers and vaporizers with essential oils like lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, or peppermint.

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