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3 UNDERRATED MOVES you can do for a Better Butt

Wake up and do it for your derriere. Today we’re keeping it extremely simple by reminding you of three easy yet effective exercises you can do every day for a perkier butt. Each move tightens and strengthens your rear, and all you need is a light fitness band and a chair or stool. Ready, set, go.Read on to learn the step-by-step instructions for these underrated workouts for your butt.

The Routine:
Side Steps with Band
Sumo SquatsThe Move: Step-Ups
How to: Using a chair or stool, place one foot up on the chair and then drive your other heel up onto the chair as well. Pretty simple!

Rep: Do 60 step-ups each morning.

The Move: Side Steps with Band
How to: Using a light band and with your knees slightly bent, step to the side as wide as you can. You’ll feel the burn in the side of your glutes.

Rep: Do side steps for two minutes straight.

The Move: Sumo Squats
How to: Keep your toes pointed outward, hips open, as you move up and down.

Rep: Do sumo squats for one minute straight.


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