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3 MOVES TO BUILD a 360 Degree Booty


Throw that thang in a circle … because it is one, essentially. You won’t get a perfectly round, evenly toned, full booty doing only squats. Or just donkey-kicks. Or deadlifts all day, every day. That’s why Shannon Nadj designed this efficient and quickie workout that targets every muscle in your glutes to build a 360° booty.

“With my background in Pilates, I always control the movements from my abs,” Shannon shares.

“I warm up the muscles with a dynamic stretch and abdominal series. I truly believe that you can achieve the best results with no equipment needed, just by performing these exercises with precision and control. I incorporated exercises that really activate every angle of your glutes. Take your time, find your ‘seat,’ and squeeze your glutes at the maximum intensity. Hold the exercises, and feel the burn.”

You’ll need a mat, and 1lb ankle weights are optional.


Warm up with a single leg stretch, a single straight leg stretch, and do the dynamic stretching and abs series.
Pelvic lift with a leg extension (10 reps on each side)
Fire hydrant with a 360° rotation, leg extension, hamstring curl (10 reps on each side)
One leg deadlift, high knee lift front, side lunge (10 reps on each side)


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