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26 Memes About Geminis That Are Painfully True


If you were born sometime between May 21 and June 20, you’re a Gemini, and here’s a few things you should know about us (if you don’t already!):

1. We are a verrrrry communicative sign.


2. We’re always right, even if at first it **appears** that we are not right.


3. Yeah, you might say we’re a little wishy-washy…


4.We LOVE a good project, I mean, um, relationship?


5. And listen, it’s not our fault that we love being loved!


6. We’re just naturally charming! We can’t help it!


7.And part of that involves not being able to keep a lot to ourselves…


8. Because we LOVE to tell a good story, or three?


9. If one more person accuses us Geminis of being two-faced, i s2g…

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10. (Clearly, the whole accepting criticism thing isn’t our forte…)

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Do you hate/scared of criticism?

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11. Anyway. What were we talking about? Oh yes. Us.


12. Anyway, on behalf of all Geminis, I suppose we’ll apologize for being a little flaky when it comes to texting…



13. And like, actually locking things down in the relationship department…



14. And also being too funny for our own good, I suppose.


15. But what we won’t apologize for is being an endlessly interesting conversation partner!



16. Or marching to the rhythm of our own drums…


17. Or prizing our independence above all else.


18. Spend a few hours with us, and you’ll come to find that Geminis are some of the smartest of the bunch…


19. In fact, we’re masters of overthinking…


20. And logical reasoning.

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more signs coming !. . . . ❥k

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21. We’re not very into routines…


22. And you should just know that being this spontaneous does come at a price!


23. At the end of the day though, you gotta love us for our strongly-held opinions:


24. Our ability to get along with just about anyone…


25. Our general ~charisma~ and je ne sais quoi…

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26. And of course, our notorious ability to just…not care about what you think of us!


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