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22 Photos of Kim Kardashian West That You Definitely Forgot Existed


These throwback photos of Kim and her crew give us a truly unquantifiable amount of joy

2006: When she, Paris and DJ Caroline D’Amore had “good times in Ibiza” on a girls’ trip



2006: When they worked on their tans, wearing teeny-tiny bikinis on a yacht


2006: When Kim and Paris Hilton took a break from swimming in order to take an adorable selfie


2006: When they proved that empire waists and headscarves were the hottest trends of the early ‘aughts



2006: When she and Paris hit the town



2006: When Kim, then-boyfriend Nick Cannon, Lil’ Kim and Paris Hilton took the only photo that has ever truly mattered


2006: When she and Kourtney were visions in white


2007: When Lindsay Lohan joined the crew


2007: When sweatsuits were everything


2007: When she turned 27 in style


2007: When Kim and Aubrey O’Day hung out at Fashion Week



2007: When her squad — Nicky and Paris Hilton and Nick Cannon — was fresh to death


2007: When she was the pose queen


2008: When Kim’s outfit took major risks


2008: When Kris put the ‘Mom’ in Momager


2008: When Kanye West couldn’t take his eyes off of her


2008: When she competed on Dancing with the Stars


2008: When middle parts reigned supreme


2008: When Kelly Osbourne fixed her skates


2008: When lollipops were super popular photo props


2009: When she rocked out


2009: When she posted up at Tao nightclub with the girls



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