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Paris Fashion Week (throwback)


Since Paris Fashion week was only partly posted in my Instagram, I thought I could
share with you some other photos taken on that busy week, full of fashion shows, a
lot of work and meetings. It was the first time I attended Paris Fashion Week, but
nevertheless I was part of many events and fashion shows. But apart from the
pleasure of attendance to such great event and getting to know everything about the
latest in the world of fashion, I also visited many important show rooms, where I
choose collections for my shop, “Delirium”. On that week I decided to take on some
different styles, partly because I like playing with them but also because I wanted
to choose the perfect style for each fashion show I attended.

Style 1 Classic
I think that the white classy and chic Philip Lim dress (one of my favorite
designers) is the best choice when it comes to Paris. I didn’t want to be all classy
though, so I decided to add knee high long boots and a LULU GUINNES clutch.
IMG_1562 복사

IMG_1593 복사

IMG_1594 복사

IMG_1604 복사

IMG_1615 복사

Style 2 Casual
I always aim at having a simple and clean-cut look and this also includes my fashion
week attendances. Such is this look, which I could call trendy and simple: a Gucci
T-shirt, high waist pants and a MaxMara coat for a winter fashion week. And don’t
forget: Less is more”.
IMG_9002 복사

IMG_9011 복사 (1)

IMG_9010 복사

IMG_9024 복사

IMG_9093 복사

IMG_9015 복사

Style 3 `70s “I can’t miss the `70s”
For some reason the `70s are always part of my style. It may be due to the fact that
those years have left their mark in the world of music and fashion, but also because
I love many styles related to those years. This look also belongs to the 70s: cowboy
high waist pants and a T-shirt, both by Stella McCartney.
IMG_2568 복사

IMG_2478 복사

IMG_2485 복사 (1)

IMG_2551 복사

IMG_2557 복사

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