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14 Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know

As we already pointed out, we’re all for sharing methods that make life just a little bit easier. We debuted our shortcuts series with the beauty hacks every human should know (spoiler: this multipurpose balm can truly be used for nearly any scenario). Today we’re slightly shifting gears and exposing the fashion hacks we’ve been stashing for years. We even reached out to Kourt’s stylist, Dani Michelle, for her expert insight on all things wardrobe related (she provided the first five hacks).Below you’ll find 14 fashion hacks we can vouch are worth their hype. Scroll on to learn the style time-savers you’ll soon swear by (if you don’t already).
• “Red wine: if you are ever at a party and someone spills red wine on you, rush to get some white wine, and with a light touch, blot the area. Soak it completely, dabbing but not rubbing. It will take away the stain completely. It’s successfully worked for me many times.”• “Denim: I never like to wash my favorite jeans because the color changes, especially with black. So there are two tricks: one, wash them inside out, or two, put them in a ziplock bag and in the freezer overnight, and they will lose their odor.”

• “Hiding bra straps: if you have a razorback top and your straps shows on the shoulder blade, you can take a hair tie and wrap it behind both straps and through itself. It will hold into a knot and hide the straps by pulling them together. Also, if you are wearing a one-arm shirt, don’t be afraid to wear a regular bra for support and just cut off the exposed shoulder’s strap or tuck it in so it’s not visible.”

• “Breaking in leather jackets: when you have a really stiff leather jacket, you can turn the steam really hot in your shower, step in, and let the jacket moisten up. When the leather gets the moisture, it will begin to mold to your body and soften. Be careful to not bend the arms too much, or you’ll get permanent creases.”

• “Wrinkles: if you’re traveling and don’t have a steamer, you can lay down a towel and use your curling iron as a hand iron to get rid of wrinkles.”

• Use a velvet hanger on clothing to get rid of deodorant stains—works like a charm.

• Don’t be afraid to get your bras altered to fit your chest properly. Kourt has been doing this for years.

• For an instant breast lift, use Skim’s tonal body tape. Start below the boob and then tape vertically to lift and support your chest.

• Take pictures of your favorite outfits and file them in an “outfits album” in your camera roll so you can reference them when getting ready in the morning.

• Use hairspray to prevent a run in tights from worsening.

• If you’re layering dainty chain necklaces, avoid a tangled mess by using this multi-hook clasp.

• Remove oil stains from a purse or shoes by sprinkling baby powder on the soiled spot and letting it sit overnight.

• Spray lemon juice on yellow pit stains before you put the shirt in the wash.

• Fashion tape: create a DIY crop top by using clear fashion tape to alter the hem of your top. You can also use the tape as a quick fix on the hemline of your pants or skirt.


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