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12 best breakfasts for weight loss to keep you full until lunch


The optimum breakfast for weight loss doesn’t have to be boring, bland or the least appetising option.

To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit, yes, but fat loss is all about your overall calorie consumption and expenditure across your day, week, and month – not just one meal.

It makes sense, then, that the healthier your diet is in general the easier it is to achieve a calorie deficit; you can turn any meal you love into a healthy breakfast option with the right swaps.

“Weight loss is primarily achieved by expending more energy than you consume – in other words, being in a calorie deficit,” says Clarissa Lenherr (@clarissalenherrnutrition) . “This doesn’t mean eating very little or focusing on low-calorie foods, but it does mean being mindful of snacking, portion sizes and ensuring the foods you are eat are filling, satiating and sources of slow-release energy.”

Tempted to skip it altogether? Think again: breakfast has been scientifically proven to help with weight loss, with breakfast eaters typically weighing less than those who skip it, according to the National Weight Control Registry. Research by the American College of Cardiology found that missing your morning meal could lead to poor heart health, too.

“A healthy breakfast will not only set you up with the right macronutrients to fuel your day ahead, it should also keep you satiated so that you aren’t reaching for that packet of biscuits to keep you going in-between meals,” shares Lauren Windas (@laurenwindasnutritionist).

Windas recommends aiming for breakfasts that are:

  • Relatively low in calories (aim for 400)
  • High in protein to keep you fuller for longer
  • Low in refined sugars to avoid spiking insulin, a fat-storage hormone
  • High in fibre, a plant-based healthy carbohydrate that slows digestion.

So what does that equate to in terms of actual food and ingredients? To help, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best healthy breakfast meals, working to a 400-calorie cap. That leaves room for three meals and a snack, and a 1500-calorie total a day—the NHS recommended number to target if you’re looking for steady, sustained weight loss and the number both nutritionists advised aiming for.

What’s so special about these weight-loss breakfasts? Well, they’ve been handpicked by nutritionists, guaranteeing they deliver on all important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and micronutrients, too.


12 delicious weight-loss breakfasts to try


A simple bowl of Greek yoghurt topped with oats and fresh or frozen berries is a great breakfast for those looking to lose weight and ward off 11am stomach grumbles, according to Lenherr.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? Yoghurt is low in calories and high in protein (around 60 calories and 10g protein per 125g portion), helping you stay fuller for longer. Just make sure to opt for the non-sweetened, Greek type.

“Yoghurt is packed with protein, healthy fats and, if you opt for a live option, cultures for gut health. Jumbo oats add complex carbs and fibre to your meal, and berries are high in antioxidants,” says Lenherr.




Smoothies are commonly demonised for being high sugar and sometimes even high calorie, but if you pack smoothies with the right ingredients, they’re a winning start to the day.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? If you think about it, most components of a smoothie are fairly low cal – fruit, veggies, milk and ice – meaning you’re eating lots of vitamins and minerals but not a shed loads of calories. Why not try Lenherr’s winning smoothie formula? “I love my smoothies with some fat (avocado, nut butter or coconut milk), protein (protein powder, nuts or seeds), lower GIycaemic fruits (berries and apples) and lots of veg.”




Top with berries and nut butter and voila, you’ve got a hearty, balanced breakfast. But be mindful not to slather the whole jar of peanut butter on your toast. That, sadly, might not classify as a weight-loss brekkie.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? “Rye bread is packed with fibre and complex carbohydrates, so will keep you full and energised. I’d recommend topping one slice of rye with one tablespoon of crunchy nut butter (whichever’s your favourite, but make sure it contains no added sugar, for maximum health benefits) and some sprinkled berries,” shares Lenherr.




Eggs are such a versatile ingredient and a real winner for building a healthy, balanced breakfast, shares Windas, and Lenherr agrees. Whip up an omelette to include veggies to increase your fibre intake.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? Eggs are low in calories and high in protein and healthy fats. “A veggie omelette will increase your protein intake (one egg typically contains 6g of protein), meaning you’ll be fuller for longer, as well as allowing you to easily incorporate some high fibre, vitamin and mineral and low-cal vegetables into the dish,” says Windas. Plus, “the yolk has lots of beneficial fats and vitamins such as choline and vitamin D,” shares Lenherr.




Sadly, not the chocolate kind, but another versatile way of incorporating eggs into your breakfast.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? “As above, eggs are low in calories and high in nutrient density. Breakfast muffins are super light and fluffy and taste delicious when baked with veggies and herbs. Pair this with a side salad of greens for a low-calorie breakfast that will keep your taste buds happy for the day ahead,” shares Windas. Her favourite is sun-dried tomatoes and chives—we’re sold.




An oldie but a goodie, porridge is loved in the nutrition world for a reason.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? As long as you’re mindful of portion size and don’t go overboard on toppings, porridge is low calorie (a 45g portion of oats is 150 calories) but high in slow-release carbs and fibre. Fancy mixing things up a little? “Quinoa is an excellent source of plant-based protein (great for vegans and vegetarians because it contains all of the essential amino acids) and is a great porridge alternative that variates from the ever-popular oat grain to add diversity. Top with berries for vitamin C and a handful of almonds for healthy monounsaturated fats,” says Windas.




Ready for, as Windas calls it, a “wonderful savoury egg sensation” that fits right in with your weight-loss plan?

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? Windas explains: “Low in carbohydrate and high in protein, this dish will keep you going all the way until lunchtime arrives.” Add leafy green veg for more bang for your buck, nutrient-wise.




Heard of chia-seed pudding? It’s as simple as soaking your seeds in your milk of choice and leaving in the fridge overnight.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? “Chia seeds are impressively rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and they’re a complete source of protein,” shares Windas. Lenherr agrees, but warns to be mindful of portion size, as the fat content is quite high if you’re looking to lose weight.




Those following a vegan diet, rejoice: there are plenty of weight-loss breakfast options for plant-based eaters, too. Look no further than tofu on toast, a simple and delicious way to start the day (in a calorie-controlled way).

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? “Tofu is a great source of protein, which keeps hunger at bay, and this dish is an ideal alternative to scrambled eggs,” says Windas. Plus, a serving of scrambled tofu and seeded toast comes in at around 360 calories, well within the 400-calorie-per-meal guideline per week.




Pancakes? There are several iterations you can try (Banana pancakes? Buckwheat pancakes? Protein pancakes?) but as long as they come in at under 400 calories, aren’t packed full of processed sugar, and are made with love at home using fresh ingredients, pancakes are a great nutrient-dense 7am food.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? Dependant on which ingredients you use, pancakes can be high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. “I love apple and banana buckwheat pancakes with berries,” says Windas. “They’re gluten- and dairy-free, and a welcome weekend breakfast option for when you want a meal that’s a great balance of macronutrients and will satisfy your sweet tooth.”




A well rounded breakfast, this weekend favourite is a combination that’s packed with all the right nutrients—and flavours.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? “Full of protein and omega 3 fats, smoked salmon is a delicious addition to your breakfast, especially when paired with the runny yolk of a poached egg and a slice of rye,” explains Windas.




Ever tried proats before? (That’s a portmanteau of ‘protein’ and ‘oats’). If you haven’t, Windas says you’re missing out. “Pairing protein powder and porridge oats together creates the most delicious healthy breakfast,” she says.

Why is it a good weight-loss breakfast? As above, it’s high-protein (surprise, surprise), high in slow-release carbs and not too high in calories, which will set you on the right track for your weight-loss journey. “Pair with sliced banana, goji berries and chia seeds for added flavour and nutrient density,” adds Windas.



From: Women’s Health UK

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