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100 Years Of The Wedding Dress


A woman’s desire to get married becomes her lifetime mission if she has found her soulmate and he has put a ring on her finger. With all the preparations that a wedding ceremony requires, the wedding dress is essential for a woman. We must say that it is the most important part in a wedding, because the bride wants to be at her best and make everyone admire her look.

When we think about wedding dresses, many images come to our mind. Over the years, fashion has changed so much and so does the design or the model of a perfect gown that is in full harmony with nowadays trends.

In recent years, women are approaching more to the wedding gown made mostly of lace aka Kate Middleton, but one can also opt for a silk wedding gown that perfectly highlights the silhouette of the body.

In the early 1900s the most important feature of the wedding dress was the veil. Women got married while walking on the aisle in a super large veil.


As everyone was obsessed with the foxtrot dance in the 1920s, such dance required a more comfortable look. Even wedding dresses were made to make a woman feel comfortable and an important feature was the hair accessory like headbands and pearls.

The wedding of Broadway actress Marilyn Miller to Jack Pickford.


Russell Knight/Getty Images


The 1930s and 1940s mostly highlighted the so-called Hollywood glam where tight wedding dresses were quite the hit.

Wallis Simpson and Edward, Duke of Windsor


Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten


The wedding dresses from the 50s were all made of lace. The perfect example is Grace Kelly’s wedding gown which came in the ballerina version and it had lace sleeves. Also, during this time, women chose wedding dresses with a sweetheart neckline.

Audrey Hepburn


Jackie Kennedy


Grace Kelly


During the 60s a change was seen in the way women wanted their wedding dress. While in the 70s there was a wild vibe everywhere. The hippies were famous and getting married without following the tradition was all everyone aimed for.

Princess Margaret


A model poses in a wedding dress in 1968. Evening Standard/Getty Images


Audrey Hepburn


A bride wears a Christian Dior wedding dress of guipure lace over heavy twill in 1970. Frank Barratt/Getty Images


Farrah Fawcett


Bianca Jagger


In the 1980s it was more about going big and bold like big shoulders as Princess Diana’s wedding gown.

Fashion designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel, who designed the wedding dress of Princess Diana, fit a dress on a model in 1981. David Levenson/Getty Images


Princess Diana


The 90s were simpler and the wedding dress was mostly made of fabric without adding any extra accessory or detail.

Mariah Carey


Carolyn Bessette


The early 2000s was all about the tube dress with the sweetheart neckline. Somehow it wasn’t that easy walking in it, but women did not care that much.

Jessica Simpson


As previously mentioned, 2010s saw women approaching more to the past and such details like lace sleeves, pearls, headpieces mostly made of flowers became a hit.

Kate Middleton


Meghan Markle. Photo by REX/Shutterstock (9685436gt)

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