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10 Spring Cleaning Hacks


Wait, are we actually excited to deep clean? Ya, we are, thanks to these mind-blowing hacks. Truly not to be dramatic, but these tips will (believe it or not) motivate you to kickstart your project spring cleaning. OK, get your scrubs on and get ready to make your home sparkle and shine like never before.

• In every bathroom, keep a caddy with basic cleaning supplies under your sink. Having the items in a convenient spot will encourage you to quickly spruce up the space rather than having to lug scrubbers and sprays from room to room.

• Buy an extra dish scrubber and fill it up with soap and a splash of vinegar. Keep it in your shower or in your bathroom, and once a week while you have your favorite hair treatment on, take the time to quickly scrub the inside of your shower. This will help keep it clean and avoid tough buildup for when you do a full-on deep clean.

• Before you deep clean your fridge, take pictures of the inside so you know exactly where to put everything back. This will help save time and make the task a little less daunting.

• Don’t forget to clean out your vacuum. Use scissors to cut the matted hair that’s wrapped around the wheels and roller part. Your vacuum will last longer if you remember to keep up its maintenance.

• Speaking of your vacuum, if you don’t have all the attachments and gadgets, use an empty paper towel roll to get in sneaky crevices and tough-to-reach spots (like in between your couch cushions).

• This is an old-school hack, but nothing works better than upcycling newspaper to clean mirrors and windows ~streak-free~ baby.

• For window blinds (which get so dusty), use tongs and a dust cloth. How, you ask? Use the tongs to pinch the blinds shut while you wipe down shade by shade.

• This one is for the extremely detail-oriented cleaners. If the grime and rust on the bottom of your pots and pans is bugging you, use shaving cream to remove the stains.

• Keep your toilet smelling and looking fresh with this all-natural concoction: one cup of baking soda and 20 drops of tea tree essential oil. Let it soak for 20 minutes and then scrub away.

• Things you didn’t know you can put in the dishwasher: refrigerator shelves, various beauty tools like tweezers and even some hair brushes, cleaning supplies like dustpans and sponges, and pet toys.

Once your place is squeaky clean, use these $50 items to organize your belongings.


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