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10 SIMPLE THINGS THAT ARE Distracting You from Being Happy


Happiness—whether we view it as an accomplishment or a state of mind, we all want to be happy people, right? Sounds simple … do things that make us smile, play music that puts us in a good mood. But we can agree it’s not always that easy, and it sometimes takes more than a five-minute dance break (which we highly encourage though) to get out of a funk and back on the happiness highway.

Many factors play into our overall joy level, yet we can forget that one of the easiest ways to regain our cheer is to block out negativity and stay focused on what truly matters to us in life. In other words, we could be distracting ourselves from our own happiness. Read through the examples below to find out if this is the case for you, and be prepared to declutter your headspace for more happiness.


You know what they say, comparison is the thief of joy. Well, it’s true. If your mind is programmed to constantly compare your accomplishments to others, you miss out on celebrating the wins in your life. The second your head starts to go there, remind yourself that everyone is on their own path.


Constantly thinking about the future
No, we’re not suggesting ditching your five-year plan or list of goals for the year—we’re all for manifesting what you want. That said, if you’re obsessively thinking about the future and what could happen, you’ll float over the special moments that are happening in real time. Be present.


Clear out your living area, from your main room to your closet. Take the time to do a deep detox of your belongings. This is especially true since we’ve been spending more time at home. Your space should be a calming place that brings a smile to your face. Once you start decluttering, you’ll get on a kick after you realize how much lighter it makes you feel, and you’ll want to reorganize and clean every corner of your home.


You already know this one, but it never hurts to be reminded of the negative impacts that spending too much time on your phone can have on your mental health. Start with baby steps like setting a timer at night if you find yourself doomscrolling in bed. Big props if you can work your way up to sleeping with your phone in a different room.


Negative thoughts
Thoughts create reality. Say it again and let it sink it. Have your bad days, enjoy your vent session—those are normal and healthy things. Never-ending negative thoughts and conversations, though—that’s when it can become a problem. Train your mind to think positively, and your actions and decisions will follow to form a happier lifestyle.


Toxic friends
It’s OK to let go of toxic friendships. It’s a huge sign of maturing, actually. Say you don’t want to completely cut a friend out. You can set boundaries (aka limit how often you talk to the person) or simply let them know, “Hey, I value your friendship, but a few things need to change in order to maintain a healthy relationship.” It’ll be a difficult conversation, but it’s worth it in the long run.


Consuming too much news
Stay informed, that goes without saying. Swap your morning or evening Twitter scroll for a nice walk around the block (even a 15-minute at-home workout). Mute the TV and block out the negative noise every once in a while.


Lack of vitamin D
While we’re still working from home, it’s easy to get sucked into emails and glued to the computer all day long—it happens. Schedule time each day (or start with weekly) to spend at least 15-20 minutes soaking up vitamin D. You’ll return to your at-home desk feeling refreshed, clear-headed, and naturally energized for the rest of the day (which all lead to a happier life).


No boundaries
Whether it’s at work, with family, or, as we mentioned earlier, with friends, set the boundaries. It allows you to take charge of your time and where you spend your energy. Once you make clear boundaries, you’ll wish you would’ve done it sooner.


Caring too much
Care, of course. Balance is key here. If you care too much about other people and have a habit of always putting the feelings of others before yours, well, you can see where the priority falls. It’s OK to be a little selfish for the sake of your happiness.


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