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10 Series to Watch on Netflix


TV series can be a good companion during these days, as we have embraced social distancing. Netflix has become our best friend and we are spending hours sitting in the couch or laying in bed watching series or movies.

If you are wondering which TV series you should be watching, you are on the right page as we will give you some cool suggestions that won’t disappoint you.

  1. Friends

Friends TV Series is the ideal option if you want to be surrounded with laughter and positive energies. This period is very difficult for all of us and our favourite six characters from Friends will only bring joy.


  1. La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

For sure the biggest money heist ever has occurred in La Casa De Papel. Since the show started, everyone went crazy for it and it became an obsession. In every corner you could listen to people singing “Bella Ciao” and that’s because of the show.


  1. Mindhunter

If your major is psychology, then you will love the series. Most of the episodes are directed by David Fincher, the man behind the movies Seven and Zodiac. If you have seen these two then you know what this is about.

Mindhunter is based on true events and it tells the original story of the FBI’s Behavioural Science Unit and the studies they conducted on serial killers. Two agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench start interviewing serial killers by visiting them in prison. Through the interviews they manage to figure out the mind of a murderer and serial killer. Based on the results of these interviews, they manage to solve current murder cases.


  1. Dark

The first German-language Netflix Original series is quite mindblowing. If you are into sci-fi then you should consider watching Dark. The series is not for those who want to watch something, without paying full attention. Dark requires maximum attention, as it is all about mysteries, a missing child, an unnatural cave and time travel. No more spoilers for you so begin watching it.


  1. Stranger Things

Another sci-fi series which you should not miss is Stranger Things. The show begins with a bunch of teenagers that are witnesses of supernatural forces and secret government affairs. Based in the 80s, this series will not only keep you anxious on how the story will go on, but you will also love the 80s fashion and music.


  1. The Crown

The Crown tells the story of the British Royal Family, especially the life of Queen Elizabeth II, starting with her father on his final days as the King, her marriage to Prince Phillip, her coronation and many more interesting events that were unknown for most people.

The Crown


  1. You

A dangerously charming man becomes obsessed with a young woman. He starts following her everywhere and does everything in his hands to be part of her life. But what happens when other people interfere in his relationship with the one he loves? You just have to watch it because we won’t give any more details.


  1. The Assassination of Gianni Versace

On July 15th, 1997 the fashion industry received awful news: the death of Gianni Versace… Better say the assassination of Gianni Versace by Andrew Cunanan outside his Miami mansion.

The second season of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace explores the life of Andrew Cunanan and the motives he had to kill Gianni Versace.


  1. Peaky Blinders

Set in the events following the end of World War I, Peaky Blinders, shows the story of a gangster family based in Birmingham and their thirst for money and power.


  1. Narcos

The first two seasons of Narcos are based on the story of Pablo Escobar from the start of his business and the creation of Medellin cartel, to his murder in December 1993. The third season is based on the story of Cali Cartel in Columbia. The last two seasons are based in Mexico, back in the time where Mexican trafficking world was disorganized, and everyone worked independently. One individual only, Felix Gallardo, made possible the unification of all independent dealers and creates Guadalajara cartel with him in charge.



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