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Whether you’re a “hit snooze and enjoy 10 more minutes of sleep” or “scroll through Instagram with your eyes barely open” type of person—getting out of your cozy snooze zone can sometimes be a struggle. So, you’ve pulled yourself out of bed and now you’re ready to start the day, right? It’s not that easy, we know. But the sooner you establish a morning routine, the sooner you’ll start looking forward to rise-and-shine time rather than dreading it.

Making the most out of your time in the morning ensures you’re starting the day off on the right note and makes for one of the most productive habits to live by. To add to our list of effective life hacks and simple shortcuts, we’re sharing 10 ways to save time in the a.m. so you can spend more effort focusing on the positive day ahead of you.

• Start your morning the night before by laying your outfit out or at least brainstorming what you plan to wear the next day (do this for your children as well if you have kids).

• Follow Kourt’s lead and set up an in-bedroom warm beverage station.

• If you have kids, prep breakfast and lunch the night before.

• Pack your work and gym bags the night before (and have your reusable water bottle ready and filled in the fridge for you to grab and go).

• Leave anything you’re worried you’ll forget by the door so you’re not losing sleep stressing about remembering the important items.

• Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than you need to wake up to give yourself time to meditate and simply enjoy solitude.

• Before you go to sleep, make a mental or physical checklist prioritizing plans for the next day.

• Use a towel turban for rapid-dry hair after your shower and keep it on as you put on your makeup and get dressed.

• Sleep on silk pillowcases to minimize frizz in the morning, and if you have longer hair, sleep in braids so you can just take them out and go in the morning.


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