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10 Life Hacks To Stay Positive This Period


For some people today is day 1 of self-quarantine, for others it is day 7, day 15, day 20 and so on. During the first few days you are busy trying to figure out how to cope with working from home and how to make your home basically the centre of everything. After that, you start alternating smart working with other activities during the day, like cooking, cleaning, doing some yoga, reading and watching movies.

Then it comes a time when you have done everything possible and don’t know how to keep busy while in self-quarantine. This is the most difficult moment for some people, as you might get bored, frustrated and unwilling to get up and continue with the day. It is very important that this situation does not affect your mood and the people around you. It is not the time to let down yourself and others: react and get through this hard situation.

What you need is positivity, so start acting now.

Keep a list of things that make you happy. Write it down in your notebook or keep it in your phone.

Below you may find some of our suggestions:

  1. Chat with friends or have a video call with them. Share funny things with one another.
  2. Start an album on your phone with pictures that make you happy or create some mood boards on Pinterest.
  3. Create a playlist that will cheer you up in the morning. The rest of the day will be just fine.
  4. If you can’t see your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can have video calls in the evening, when things might become a little bit spicy between you too. Being away from each other will make you desire your partner even more.
  5. If you miss watching a movie with a friend or your partner, you might consider using Team Viewer and you can both watch the same movie at the same time. You can also comment on it, by leaving your mobile’s microphone on.
  6. If you are into meditation, do not forget to meditate at least 20 minutes per day. Sometimes you might just take deep breaths and have faith that everything will be okay.
  7. Avoid things that might get into your mood like sad movies or sad books and try to watch as little news as possible.
  8. Do not overthink. If you find yourself in such situation, then it is better if you talk with your parents, friends or partner.
  9. Read quotes that inspire you, write them down and leave it somewhere visible. Reading them everyday might help you.
  10. Watch funny videos. If you need a boost in your mood, then you should watch funny videos. Videos with babies and puppies are a good suggestion.


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